JUPITER wafer baking machines

The JUPITER series has offered high-quality wafer baking machines for over 50 years. In over 70 countries, our customers appreciate JUPITER machines for their quality, reliability and durability.

Selected based on size

WALTER JUPITER machines are used for manufacturing rolled sweet wafers, wafers, wafer rolls, wafer cups and snack wafers. Depending on the size and type of the desired end product, our three series JUPITER X, JUPITER XP and JUPITER IC serve a wide range of application purposes and production capacities.

The JUPITER X series is designed for small and medium capacities from 3,000 wafers per hour. Our high-performance machines JUPITER XP and IC are available to meet higher demands. With a capacity of around 18,500 wafers per hour, our JUPITER 306 IC offers the highest performance.

Behind each of the three series is a range of ovens. Our proven modular design allows us to provide each client with a made-to-measure machine.

The JUPITER principle

Our JUPITER wafer baking machines for sweet wafers consist of ovens, winding machines, cooling towers or cooling belts and counting and stacking devices. The wafer sheets are baked in the oven, after which time they are taken out and given their final shape while still warm by winding, rolling or deep drawing them. They are then cooled by ambient air and stacked for further processing. Packaging can be integrated into the line processes if the wafers are manufactured for industrial ice cream. This involves placing the wafers inside special paper sleeves − hygienic protection for handling the wafer.

Value which remains

The reliability of the WALTER wafer baking machines is shown in the various JUPITER machines that have been in operation in the market for over 30 years. Our customers quickly learn to appreciate this level of longevity.

Rigorous testing

All wafer baking machines are designed for 24-hour operation in the industry. Each JUPITER machine is fully assembled and tested under production conditions at our plant in Kiel before they make their way to your factory. They are only dispatched after an extensive quality check. Our customers are warmly invited to test their machines in our factory to personally ensure they meet the quality specifications.