WALTERWERK KIEL can look back on a long history. Making wafer baking machinery has been our passion and our core business for 70 years. Over this period, we have continually improved the technology and achieved new breakthroughs.

WALTER History

WALTERWERK: Key dates in a story of success



Prof. Hellmuth Walter founds his company in Kiel. He is known as the inventor of the thermodynamic drive named after him. Submarines and planes reach maximum speeds using WALTER drives.


WALTER builds the first machine for moulded cones.


Delivery of the first JUPITER sugar cone baking machine.


With 7,240 wafers per hour, the JUPITER 121 is the fastest wafer baking machine in the world.


First delivery of the BIOMAT for the production of packaging made of starch foam.


Walter introduces the high-capacity JUPITER 236 machine. It produces around 14,000 sugar cones per hour.


WALTER introduces the JUPITER XP series.


In order to satisfy the increasing demand for mini cones WALTER produces the first JUPITER 178 MC. The machine is able to bake approx. 11,000 mini cones per hour.


WALTER includes the JUPITER X with a capacity of some 3,000 - 6,700 sugar cones per hour as a standard item in its range.


WALTER introduces the JUPITER IC series making capacities up to 18,500 wafers per hour possible.


WALTER introduces the new MARS IC series for baked moulded products.


With the JUPITER A and the JUPITER C series WALTER launches the latest generation of sugar cone baking machines with capacities up to 20,000 rolled sugar cones per hour.


The latest development of WALTER is the METEOR C line for baked chips offering a completely new solution for snack baking. Contact-baking provides the opportunity to bake crispy, but fat-reduced snacks with a multitude of different recipes and taste orientations.