The TMA batter mixing plant is perfect for medium capacities. It features semi-automatic operation, with the ingredients being added by hand, mixed automatically and transported to the machine.

A good middle ground

The TMA batter mixing plant comprises a batter mixer and a batter holding tank. A pump conveys the finished batter from the mixer into the holding tank, from where a second pump conveys it on to the baking machine. Both tanks are equipped with filling level meters. This plant is alternatively offered with an automatic weighing system.

All the piping up to the oven is easily cleaned using In Place Cleaning (IPC). In order to reduce pipe resistances to a minimum, batter conveyance is individually adapted to suit the factory layout. The stainless steel system may be extended as required. Conveyance via special pumps ensures gentle treatment of the batter. The TMA may on request be upgraded to a fully automatic plant.