JUPITER C series

The JUPITER C series consists of a variety of high-capacity wafer baking ovens with production capacities ranging from approx. 7,000 wafer cones per hour up to approx. 20,000 rolled sugar cones per hour.

The Premium line

The speed of the JUPITER C high-capacity baking ovens combined with the high heat development in the ovens demands the highest standards of quality of the materials and machines. This creates extraordinary technical challenges in order to safeguard the longevity of the ovens. During the research and design phase for the machine components particular attention was paid to the durability of the applied materials. We were able to build on our great experience with the JUPITER IC series during this process.

Innovation meets well-proven solutions

During the design process well-proven solutions from the previous series were combined with practical-oriented new developments. WALTER customers were both important partners and idea generators. The result is a reliable machine in the well-proven WALTER style combined with the latest technic which guarantees an economical production process.

An even greater variety of baking plate formats facilitates the optional baking surface utilization for each machine configuration. The oven is now more easily accessible due to additional doors. This makes it possible for our customers to change e.g. the cone characteristics during the production. The new ergonomic touch panel from WALTER ensures an intuitive menu navigation and easy operation of the machine.

The oven chamber concept

The high-capacity ovens are equipped with an efficient power guidance system. The energy guiding plates in the burner area ensure reduced energy consumption and a continuous, targeted heat flow to the heart of the baking plates. The heat radiation from the machines in the production area is significantly reduced and enables a comfortable work environment.