JUPITER Wafer Baking Machines

The JUPITER series has offered high-quality wafer baking machines for over 60 years. In over 80 countries, our customers appreciate JUPITER machines for their quality, reliability and durability.


The WALTER JUPITER wafer baking machines are made for the manufacturing of rolled sugar cones, oblates, wafer rolls, wafer bowls, wafer sheets and snack wafers. Depending of the size of the desired wafer product the JUPITER A and JUPITER C series offer a wide range of production capacities.

The JUPITER A series is designed for small and medium capacities from 3,000 rolled sugar cones up to 10,000 cones per hour. Our high-performance machines JUPITER C are available to meet higher demands with capacities up to of around 20,000 wafers per hour.

Individuality through modularity

Our JUPITER wafer baking machines for sweet wafers consist of ovens, winding machines, cooling towers or cooling belts and counting and stacking devices. The wafer sheets are baked in the oven, after which they are taken out and, while still warm, given their final shape by winding, rolling or deep drawing them. They are then cooled by ambient air and stacked for further processing. Packaging can be integrated into the line processes if the wafers are manufactured for industrial ice cream. This involves placing the wafers inside special paper sleeves − hygienic protection for handling the wafer.

The well-proven modular principle of the WALTER wafer baking equipment allows our customers to choose the subsequent downstream equipment individually according to their preferences and available space on site. Whether inline or reverse, cooling tower or cooling belt – our machines meet the customer’s needs. All plants can be delivered as mirrored versions. Components like metal detectors or sleeving units can be integrated into the machine’s layout. The JUPITER plants offer a wide range of different baking plate sizes and oven lengths. This combination allows an optimised output. All wafer baking machines are manufactured for a 24 hour operation and are flexible in their configuration.

For a long machine life time

The high temperatures and high speed inside the oven demand the application of the best materials. The WALTER R&D department attaches great importance to the testing of the used materials and collaborates with universities and research facilities. Special hardened, premium-quality components make the machines robust and durable.

In areas, which are particularly stressed, all mounted elements are easy to access and replace. The menu navigation system and self-explanatory icons allow for a smooth production process, and control mechanisms in the machine inform the operator of maintenance intervals. This ensures the longevity of the machine and minimises production losses.

Safe and easy to use

In continuous exchange with our customers we develop our safety concept of the plants further. Smart solutions ensure safe handling of all baking machines including the high speed ovens. Very good accessibility to the oven and to all components is always kept. Doors are at all oven sides and allow best access for maintenance and cleaning. Various setting options allow changing the wafer characteristics during the production process.

The exterior reflects what the inside has to offer

The machine design meets the highest standards of a hygienic production process. Closed surfaces and clear lines keep cleaning requirements to a minimum. The new look has already been awarded the Red Dot Design Award.

Value which remains

The reliability of the WALTER wafer baking machines is shown in the various JUPITER machines that have been in operation in the market for over 30 years. Our customers quickly learn to appreciate this level of longevity.


Our JUPITER baking machines produce sweet wafers, such as industrial ice cream wafers, natural edge wafers, rolls and wafer cups. Snack wafers can also be made on a JUPITER machine.


The JUPITER A sugar cone baking machines facilitate the fully automated production of wafer products in small and medium capacities.


The JUPITER C series consists of a variety of high-capacity wafer baking ovens with production capacities ranging from approx. 7,000 wafer cones per hour up to approx. 20,000 rolled sugar cones per hour.