METEOR plants

The METEOR line combines proven solutions of the JUPITER C technology with tailor-made technology particularly for the snacks sector. The special baking process provides tasty products with low-fat content.

The oven chamber concept

The METEOR C plant for the production of baked snacks consists of a robust frame made of steel with rails for a circulated baking chain with 160 baking tongs. The concept of the oven has been adapted from the proven JUPITER C wafer baking lines and was further developed for the requirements of snack baking machinery.

Efficient energy guiding in the oven provide reduced energy consumption and an even heat distribution inside the baking plates. The heat emission in the production hall is reduced to a minimum creating a comfortable working environment.

Safe and easy to use

In continuous exchange with our customers we develop our safety concept of the plants further. Smart solutions ensure safe handling of all baking machines including the high speed ovens. Very good accessibility to the oven and to all components is always kept. Doors are at all oven sides and allow best access for maintenance and cleaning. The METEOR line is operated by an intuitive and language independent menu guiding.

The exterior reflects what the inside has to offer

The machine design meets the highest standards of a hygienic production process. Closed surfaces and clear lines keep cleaning requirements to a minimum. The new look has already been awarded the Red Dot Design Award.

This project is funded by the European Union - European Regional Development Fund
Project: "Exhibition participation Snackex 2022, in Hamburg, July 6th - 7th, 2022"
Project description:
Participating in the Snackex exhibition in Hamburg is an important step to establish our new METEOR line for baked chips. This is a good opportunity for our company to step into a new market and create another main pillar.