Baked Chips

The new METEOR lines from WALTER produce baked chips for the premium snack market. The innovative baking process provides a deliciously, low fat product very intensive in taste.

Recipes for Success

The WALTER METEOR plants can handle different ingredients and a range of recipes at the same plant. Basic ingredients like potato flakes, wheat, corn or rice are possible, just to name a few. For some products even inclusions like seeds, bacon or vegetable pieces are allowed. The METEOR chips from WALTER approach the health-conscious consumer and take a bite out of the premium snack market.

Being baked between two baking tongs, the snack products develop special structures with either foamy or crispy characteristics. After baking, the basic ingredients can already be quite appetizing on their own. The subsequent seasoning perfects the taste experience for the consumer.

Tasty guilt-free Snacks

The final products have an exceptionally low fat content: 65 % less fat than regular fried potato chips. Healthy ingredients and gluten-free variations approach a wide target group and hit the right culinary nerve.