WALTER offers various accessories and special components to customise the wafer baking machines to your requirements and your desired products. Thanks to various moulds, a single machine can manufacture various products. Additional components allow you to affix wafers with paper sleeves and monitor the products through metal detection and camera surveillance.

Skilfully rolled – the roll machines

The wafer sheets are baked in the WALTER oven and then rolled according to customer requirements. The rolls are perfectly even thanks to a tried-and-tested winding machine and have cleanly cut edges using precise cutting techniques.

Pressed into shape − the cup press

Cut and deep-drawn products can be made using the cup presses, such as round and square sweet wafer cups, bowls and tacos in various shapes and sizes, with natural or cut edges. Capacities of around 3,600 to 6,000 wafers per hour are possible. This WALTER component is a fully automatic user-friendly press with 10, 12, 16, or 20 pressing stations, designed for especially high cutting forces. At the same time, the products are treated very gently during the deep drawing process. Various products can be produced with a single press.

On-going detection – the metal detector

A metal detector is often used as part of the quality control process. The metal detector module includes a metal-free zone and a discharge device. The metal detector manufacturer can be chosen at will.

Precise punching − the wafer sheet punching device

The punching machine used for processing wafer sheets for products such as sandwich ice cream- and taco ice cream- or decorative wafers can be supplied in many different versions, designed to meet individual customer requirements. The punching device is compatible with JUPITER ovens, and their production capacity depends on the machine performance. All parts for cleaning and disassembly are easy to access, and the cut edges are clean and smooth. Product- and cutting residue is removed automatically.

Firmly fixed − the gluing device

Small paper sleeves are increasingly being used as hygienic wafer protection. On request, these paper sleeves can be fixed to the wafer. The gluing station was developed for this purpose and is subject to an on-going improvement process. The paper sleeve and wafer are glued together with a sugar solution near the tip of the cone. The sugar solution can be refilled during production. The mobile gluing station on a portable trolley can be mounted or dismounted in just a few seconds as needed.

Accurately aligned − heart-to-heart rotation device

Wafers are prone to breakage. This is especially true for wafer cones with a natural edge. The heart-to-heart rotation device was designed to precisely align nature edge waffles before stacking. Rotating mandrels place the wafers in the same position during cooling and ensure stable stacking before they are transported away.

Precise sleeve positioning − the sleeving unit

The sleeving unit prepares the industrial ice cream wafers for the ice cream filling process by placing them in a paper sleeve. We place particular emphasis on good accessibility and convenient operator handling. Through secure grip and precise positioning of the paper sleeve, the wafer can be inserted with precision into the sleeve. The demand for high flexibility of our WALTER wafer baking machines also applies to these components. The device can easily change between different paper sleeve sizes. All sleeving units from eight tracks are servo driven.

Properly controlled – with camera surveillance

The wafer monitoring process detects and monitors all wafers. With the help of high-speed cameras, each wafer is visually monitored individually. A special software checks individually defined criteria. These include winding defects, differences in colour or inclusions. Defective wafers are automatically discharged. The data collected can then be exported to evaluate individual statistics.