JUPITER A series

The JUPITER A sugar cone baking machines facilitate the fully automated production of wafer products in small and medium capacities. The technical configuration of this series is very similar to the high-performance series JUPITER C.

The basic line

The production capacities of the JUPITER A line starts at approx. 3,000 rolled sugar cone wafers per hour and goes up to approx. 10,000 sugar cones. For snack wafers a production capacity of up to approx. 80,000 snack wafers per hour is possible depending on the size and shape of the desired product.

Technologically well-proven

Many of the components from the larger machines are also featured here. Amongst them are the synchronised servo drives for the oven and downstream equipment as well as the convenient operating system with the self-explanatory touch panel. The hygienic design is the same as for the JUPITER C series and the improved access to the oven from all sides was also implemented for this machine line.


The high flexibility of WALTER sugar cone machines is also true for the JUPITER A series and allows the user to manufacture different products on one machine. These may range from industry wafers and natural top wafers in different sizes to wafer rolls and wafer cups. Our customers appreciate this flexibility and benefit from the wide range of wafer products that can be produced. This machine is very appealing to industry newcomers to the wafer baking business in particular.