Sweet wafers

Think of a delicious ice cream and you immediately think of the crispy wafer. It is not only the best form of packaging, but also adds to the taste extravaganza. WALTER is a leader in the production of machines for rolled sweet wafers and also supplies machines for a variety of sweet wafer products.

It depends on the product

Our machines produce different ice cream wafers: heart-shaped or straight edge, smooth or natural edge. The length of the wafers can also be set to anything within a certain range. The smallest products include the mini cones, with a standard length of 60 mm.


Another product group is the rolls, which are available in different sizes. They can be made using WALTER machines to be solid or hollow. Two different manufacturing methods can be used for this.

Various cup creations are also possible, such as the star-shaped bowl or cut cups. But that’s not all. WALTER technologies also convert entirely unique ideas into first-class special products for maximum success in your market.