Batter Technology

First-class products are a result of the perfect combination of recipe and technology. Our batter and baking technology division is therefore happy to help you with their years of experience. We advise you, test with you and guide you on your way to your perfect product.

Sophisticated technology for finest products

In our own technical training facility, we work with you to develop the right recipe. With this expertise, even industry beginners can start at the highest level.

We offer:

  • Tests to determine the quality characteristics of ingredients and wafers
  • Training on ingredients at the site where the machine is installed
  • Training for ideal batter preparation
  • Creation of hygiene concepts
  • Baking tests
  • Guidance on determining the quality, recipe and raw materials
  • Support in the selection and development of batter kitchen and batter testing laboratories
  • Creation of individually tailored concepts for production facilities

Model character

The seamless production preparation process underlines our professional approach. For our customers, we create three-dimensional models of special wafer products made of mineral material using rapid prototyping.