Cultural differences in taste are also found in ice cream wafers. For example, the Monaka wafer is popular with ice cream in Asia. WALTER provides reliable machines for this too. Monaka wafers can be produced in large quantities using the MARS C machines.

Tradition meets technology

The Monaka wafer is traditionally rooted in Asian culture. Two wafer shells together create a shape which can be filled with almost anything you can think of. The wafers used to be filled with a bean paste, but now this is ice cream or a chocolate filling. Their varied shapes make the Monaka wafer very special. On the Asian market, you can find fish, panda bears, nutshells or wafers with fine ornaments, just to name a few.

Due to their uniqueness, the Monaka wafers are increasingly attractive to markets outside Asia. Being moulded in single cavities on the MARS machine the final shape is created allowing various detailed designs. Unlike the hollow wafers punched from the sheets, the wafer shells have a smooth edge with no open pores.