Folded Sugar Wafer Cup

Whether for ice cream, sorbets, desserts or cold and hot drinks: the waffle cup offers an exquisite experience of pleasure and good taste in so many ways. It’s no coincidence that the waffle cup is gaining in popularity worldwide. Dense, crispy and heat-resistant, it is also a delicious and sustainable alternative to disposable coffee-to-go cups.


Innovative folding technique

With the innovative technology, for which a patent has already been applied for, the wafer sheet is not being deep drawn but folded up instead. This allows a higher depth and a stronger bottom compared to the existing products on the market. The dimensions are flexible and can, for example, be the same as the traditionally shaped waffle cup from Russia filled with Plombir ice cream.

Our new JUPITER line produces up to 5,000 wafer cups per hour with a maximum height of 75 mm.

For beverages suitable coatings need to be applied.